The ONLY Candidate Who Resides in the 14th!

After Special Election, Attention Quickly Turns To Planned 14th District


In the wake of Tuesday’s special election in the 18th Congressional District, attention has quickly turned to the district that could soon replace the 18th – the 14th District.

At least three Democrats and one Republican say they’ll be on the ballot in the 14th for the May primary, assuming the lines issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court survive two pending lawsuits.

The Republican is state Rep. Rick Saccone, who ran in Tuesday’s special election and lives in Elizabeth. The Beaver County Times reports that State Sen. Guy Reschenthaler of Jefferson Hills is also gathering signatures to get on the ballot.

Democrats Tom Prigg of McCandless, Adam Sedlock of Wharton and Bob Solomon of Oakdale also plan to run.

That means, as a resident of Fayette County, Sedlock, a psychologist, is the only declared candidate who would actually live in the 14th. All of the other candidates live in Allegheny County, adjacent to the planned 14th.

Under the U.S. Constitution, representatives simply must reside in the same state as their constituents, not necessarily the same district.

Solomon points out he lives just miles from the new 14th. The emergency physician had been planning to challenge former GOP Congressman Tim Murphy in the previous 18th District.

“I feel a strong connection with the people of those counties, and I have a background in serving them as a physician,” Solomon said. “It feels natural to me to choose to run in a district where I’ve been campaigning.”

Prigg, the other Democrat, is coming from farther away. The brain researcher had been running in the old 12th District, which stretched from Beaver to Cambria and Somerset counties, before the state’s high court issued the new lines.

The Washington County native says he’s excited to return to the district where he grew up, but acknowledges that the quick switch has been challenging.

“Gathering signatures, starting and collecting in one district, where you’ve got a group, a pool of volunteers, and then basically restructuring and changing direction in an entirely different congressional district is very, very stressful,” Prigg said.

Prigg expects to gather the 1,000 signatures required to qualify for the congressional ballot by the March 20 deadline. He said he’s also gathered some signatures in his old district, just in case a federal court strikes down the new map.

The 14th would include all of Greene Fayette and Washington counties and much of Westmoreland county. It is considered favorable territory for the GOP.



February 22, 2018


Adam Sedlock for Congress

CHALK HILL, Pa.—February 22, 2018—Isn’t it time that we put an end to the chaos and political backbiting in Washington and get back to serving the needs of the American people? Adam Sedlock thinks so.

Sedlock believes its time to restore political sanity in Washington and therefore is proud to announce his 2018 candidacy for the 14th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, US House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket.

“Political sanity starts with you,” said Sedlock, a licensed psychologist, who is committed to leading the charge toward a better America, where people work across party lines to provide the quality of life expected in a free society.

“We cannot afford to keep sending millionaires to Congress. It’s time Pennsylvania elects someone who can relate to the needs of everyday people and understands the expectations of hard working Americans,” he said.

Sedlock grew up on his grandfather’s farm just outside of Perryopolis. He exemplifies the values, work ethic and humility of real Pennsylvanians and is committed to representing them equally.

In 2016, Sedlock ran as a write-in candidate against Congressman Bill Shuster and Republican Art Halvorson. He garnered 6,000 votes across the 12-county, Pa-9th District. He gained the respect and support of many Democrats and found that most people, regardless of their political affiliation, had concerns regarding the direction this country had turned and a Congress who had an approval rating lower than that of the President.

Sedlock plans to restore Pennsylvanians’ trust in the American Dream by shifting the focus from what divides us to what we share in common. He wants to inspire Pennsylvanians to work together to rebuild the 14th District and create communities that thrive and provide for the needs of all families.

He will restore economic security for the middle class by creating good-paying jobs; fight for economic fairness by reining in Wall Street and fixing our financial system; ensure Civil Rights by fighting poverty and protecting civil liberties and develop a health care system that provides adequate, affordable coverage to all.  

Sedlock is also committed to keeping American children safe, especially in school, and believes that an honest conversation and immediate action to fund a better system of background checks and research on gun safety is inevitable.

“We must end the rampant rage of gun violence. We can do this and still ensure the right to bear arms.  No one is coming to get your guns,” Sedlock said. “Our Congress, over the last decade, has refused to fund research in gun violence.  This must stop.  We must investigate, in a scientific fashion, the who, what, when and where of gun violence, to make an educated decision to stop this public health crisis.”

Sedlock will work tirelessly to help solve the issues that plague this country. He wants to help restore American values and lead this country back on track to being the leader of the free world.

“I will protect the values of our free society, which embraces the dignity of men, women and children regardless of sexual orientation, religion, and race and ensure continuation of a civil society,” Sedlock said.


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