Adam's Focus on the Issues


SOCIAL SECURITY & Medicare/medicaid

We have all paid into the Social Security program and we all deserve it's benefits. Many of the citizens of the 14th District depend on this program. It is important that we protect Social Security.

Medicare and Medicaid should be expanded to help provide for all those in need of health care.  Health care is a right, not a privilege. 


Pennsylvania was once a leading state for industry. We should insure affordable training for our citizens already in the workforce and ease transitions into a more innovative economy.  With a focus on clean and renewable energy, we can once again become a leader in manufacturing and production of resources.

We can all agree that our infrastructure is suffering. I believe we can rebuild our roads, bridges, and schools while hiring locally, improving our communities and economy.

campaign reform

Over time our country has suffered from the influence of career politicians funded by private interests. The role of Congress is to serve as a voice of the people who have elected them to their positions. We need representation of the people, by the people, and for the people. I pledge to provide such. I will listen to you, my constituents, and convey your concerns and ideas in my work as your Representative.


I advocate for an age limit to purchase firearms and believe that background checks need to be more comprehensive. There is a gun violence epidemic in this country and it needs to be scientifically studied. If we can better determine a cause for people's actions, than we can more effectively prevent future attacks. As an experienced health professional I must also advocate for better access to mental health resources.

Environmental & WORKPLACE safety

Pennsylvania is known for it's hard working citizens. The majority of workers perform difficult jobs in harsh conditions. It is paramount that we enforce safe working conditions for all. As technologies change, we should also ensure the health and safety of our environment. Pollution is not only a hazard to our environment, but a danger to the health and well being of our workers and their families.

civil rights

This country was formed by people who were fleeing persecution and in search of freedom. They dreamed of a place where all could be themselves no matter each other's beliefs. I also hold this dream and hope that we can become a more inclusive country that will treat each other equally regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, man, woman, etc.

climate change

Climate Change is not a hoax and doesn't care if you're Republican or Democrat. It will effect life on earth for generations to come. Action to curtail this serious threat is long overdue. This is an area where political affiliation must be sidelined in order to put our children's and their children's futures first. As your congressional representative, I intend to work relentlessly to protect the environment by promoting renewable energy production and antipollution initiatives.