Adam Sedlock for Congress

u.s. house of representatives,

Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district

"Why am I running? Our future is at stake!"   - Adam Sedlock


Adam enjoys listening to people and working towards resolutions so much so that he has made it his professional career as a psychologist. 

He will continue to do the same as your Representative in Congress.



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a message from adam

"As you may be aware, I ran as a write in candidate against incumbent Congressman Bill Shuster and the Republican on the Democratic ticket, Art Halvorson, in the fall '16 election. While I garnered 6,000 votes across the district, I met many hard working people who gave me their support. Throughout the summer and into the fall, I met with the constituents through picnics and town hall meetings. I spoke with all citizens, regardless of their political party, who voiced their concerns regarding the direction this country had turned and of a Congress who has an approval rating of a mere 16%. We need a Congress who will stand up and protect the values of our founding fathers and who will place country above party. We need congressmen and women who will fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We need people who will fight for truth, justice and the American way. We need to support decency and morality and practice political sanity.

Therefore, I have officially announced my candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives, Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District. It is time for a change!

I believe all should pay their fair share of taxes. I envision a tax system where we all pay equally, individuals and corporations. After the failed economic strategies that propelled us into a recession, we have begun an economic recovery based on innovation and change. I intend to work across the aisle in the spirit of cooperation with all members of congress to improve our country’s credit rating, increase recovery of our economy, and exemplify the needed change of a new representation of the 14th District.

Over time our country has suffered from the influence of career politicians funded by private interests. The role of Congress is to serve as a voice of the people who have elected them to their positions. We need representation of the people, by the people, and for the people. I pledge to provide such. I will listen to you, my constituents, and convey your concerns and ideas in my work as your Representative.

Our government was designed to work through collaboration, not competition. Cooperation is the keystone to resolving the issues our great nation currently faces, especially those that directly impact Pennsylvania’s 14th District. I hope to receive your support so that we can collectively create positive change across the country and right here at home."

- Adam Sedlock